Winter Solstice, Winter Solace

To mark Winter Solstice is to be thankful for the light returning, celebrate the deep midwinter and connect with our ever-cycling seasons. We may feel held in place, a sort-of-static in the pandemic, but the natural wheel-of-the-year keeps turning.

The Oak King triumphs over the Holly King as the light returns once more in their never-ending tussle.

The announcement this weekend to stop families and friends getting together, especially those separated by some distance (as I am), was and is distressing and sad. It’s ok to feel like this. Even if we believe locking-down, hunkering-in, is needed to curb the viral spread, it is still ok not to feel ok about it.

The upheaval of 2020 goes on and we can see it seeping into 2021 now. I am so grateful for my cosy home and good work to do whilst others suffer in a multiplicity of ways across the world.

Winter is the time for going underground, feeding our roots and tending our souls for the coming Springtime abundance of activity. Take time to rest and regenerate, nurture your seeds in your soil. Spend your energy on nourishment. I know I’ll be knitting socks, watching movies and walking in the Lakes.

May you feel comforted and nourished this Winter Solstice.

Our fire pit and the Beaver Moon, photo: Hannah Field

Published by hannahelizabethfield

I'm an artist, scientist, Permaculture Designer, gardener and nature connectedness guide. I'm currently a 1st year PhD student at the University of Cumbria in the Lake District. I'm researching the commons, how they are valued, governed and how decisions are made through Action Research and Ethnographic methods. Being in the fells, on the beach, in the landscapes is my home and I love to work here.

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