The Unknown

We met without planning
during our everyday.
Everyday for a while before.
And then you made me pause.
Pausing for breath,
distanced from beings,
yet closer to our commonness.

And here you are.
Flexing and broadening,
opening and closing
like a black hole.
Inside and outside my being.
Of me you were born,
and yet unfamiliar.
Making the familiar strange.

The unknown stopped me in my tracks,
letting the horizon take shape.
You give me butterflies
deep down in my belly,
tickling up my throat.
out of me.
You allow me to become more,
faster than before.

I let you become part of me,
and stop pushing you away.
Instead we embrace.
I become the unknown.
We walk together a while.
Acceptance rises. You will always remain,
Yet in constant change.
We evolve.

To accept and love the unknown
is to be expanded
beyond conscious knowing.

-Hannah Field, written as part of Rupi Kaur’s Instagram live workshop, March 2020.

Published by hannahelizabethfield

I'm an artist, scientist, Permaculture Designer, gardener and nature connectedness guide. I'm currently a 1st year PhD student at the University of Cumbria in the Lake District. I'm researching the commons, how they are valued, governed and how decisions are made through Action Research and Ethnographic methods. Being in the fells, on the beach, in the landscapes is my home and I love to work here.

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