Viral commonality

This situation we find ourselves in is effecting everyone in multiple, multifaceted, good, bad, in-between and unknown ways. Everyone reacts within their own context of course or is maybe forced into certain ways by systemic controls.

Any which way we are generally reacting to this situation not to just protect ourselves and our own, but by staying put we are protecting each other and our common resources such as our healthcare systems. Being forced into a place where we realise everything and everyone is absolutely interconnected and intertwined is a curiosity. At worst it may be a catastrophe for people operating in a capitalist growth-economy, at best it shines a light on where people are working well together for the benefit of their communities.

Pausing for a moment and realising we are intertwined challenges us to think about our everyday lives, what they meant before, during and, eventually, after the virus subsides. A new ‘normal’? An extraordinormal? A realisation that the before was not normal, healthy or resilient? A whole-hearted gratitude for life and love? A whole-hearted desire for more and better? So many potential outcomes, I suppose.

Death through the virus-dominated situation and the impacts of lockdown on mental health, domestic violence and the illumination of social injustices. Lest we forget in our lovely, safe homes.

Bigger picture stuff. Good for perspective but maybe overwhelming for your next step. And that’s all we can focus on, really. Our next step, or few steps. Our neighbours and community are close at hand, and our positive ripples can be felt. Building community and love. More gardening, more flowers, more insects, more birds, quiet roads, quiet skies, a raucous birdsong.

We have the gift of gift at our fingertips. Give generously of yourself, for you will feel the circle of generosity. Setup an honesty stall, a free/swap stall to support those close by. Gift your knowledge, wisdom and understanding. A listening ear and heart. Physically, not socially, distanced. Reciprocity in our circles ripples out far and wide.

And so we became more in common.

Published by hannahelizabethfield

I'm an artist, scientist, Permaculture Designer, gardener and nature connectedness guide. I'm currently a 1st year PhD student at the University of Cumbria in the Lake District. I'm researching the commons, how they are valued, governed and how decisions are made through Action Research and Ethnographic methods. Being in the fells, on the beach, in the landscapes is my home and I love to work here.

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